IMAX (NYSE:IMAX) Strong buy level – investment tip

Investment overview for IMAX stock.

finviz dynamic chart for  IMAX IMAX – overview IMAX – financials

All calculations are made to date: 2017/08/21

EPS growth asumption = 73% (average EPS year growth in next 3 years)

Forward PE asumption = 45.3 (average PE from next 3 years)

PEG (Price/Earnings/Growth) = 0.45 (0->1 Perfect, 1->2 Good, 2->4 Average, 4+ Poor )

Dividend share = 0.0%

3 year EPS/ 0 year EPS = 514.65%

Debt/EBITDA = 0.0

Actual price per share = 18.25

Present good value per share = 44.45 (calculation output)

Actual price/present good value price = 41%

IMAX shows very good performance in every checked aspect. Current share price is 59% lower than Present good value per share and due to this reason I strongly recommend to buy now.

Final investment evaluation: STRONG BUY

IMAX Corporation is an entertainment technology company. The Company operates through seven segments: IMAX systems; theater system maintenance; joint revenue sharing arrangements; film production and IMAX DMR; film distribution; film post-production, and other.

The IMAX systems segment designs, manufactures, sells or leases IMAX theater projection system equipment. The theater system maintenance segment maintains IMAX theater projection system equipment in the IMAX theater network.

The joint revenue sharing arrangements segment provides IMAX theater projection system equipment to exhibitors.

The film production and IMAX DMR segment produces films and performs film re-mastering services.

The film distribution segment distributes films.

The film post-production segment provides film post-production and film print services.

The other segment includes certain IMAX theaters that the Company owns and operates, camera rentals and other miscellaneous items (info by Reuters).

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Remember, this article is sumary of my personal opinions. You should everytime consider stock value by yourself and it’s is your retirement plan investment.

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