Money saving idea: Buy bigger

Today’s topic is about shopping and how to save some money for your Early Retirement Plan. I like to buy fresh bread every day and every Saturday I go early to bakery for fresh breakfast. I love this amazing smell coming from bakery oven when fresh bread is made.

On the other hand I don’t go shopping everyday for other things. For bigger shopping we ussually go once per week and buy all for next week. Of course I am talking about milk, pasta, jogurts and other things which can stay week or more without any problem. When I was student I bought just what I needed for one day or one dinner. Small pack of pasta, one chicken breast, one onion so as you can imagine I did not spent so much (or at least I did no saw it), but when you compare with bigger pack I paid much more at the end of day.

Now we try to buy bigger packs for whatever we can, but we always try not buy things we don’t need as I don’t like food wasting. This can be sometime quite difficult as you can imagine.

Here are some ideas of things which we buy in bigger pack:

Price for bottle of my favourite wine $5.99 – price of 6 pack $29.99 ($6 difference for same size).

Price for 100g of salted nuts $1 – price for 1kg is $6.99 ($3 difference for same size).

Price for 100g of Italian pasta $0.75 – price for 1kg is $2.99 ($4.5 difference for same size).

Can of black olives $1.25 – price of 16 pack is $14.99 ($5.0 difference for same size).

Of course there is much more of possible combinations, but this was just example to give you idea.

The points is, some things are of course not possible to buy in bigger pack as they can not stay fresh for long time, but many other things are simply fine to buy by bigger pack and save money.

Still, be carefull about one thing. It is very easy to use-eat more than necessary in case it is available in fridge or stock room so focus about this and keep your portion (and portion of your kids) within healthy limits. I believe many people have problem mainly with this. They buy bigger packs already, which should be good for their budget, but they also eat much more and for this reason they actualy don’t save so much. And because of obesity the spend even more than I did during my student time.

So please consider buying bigger, but in same time, keep you heathly life style as most important (there is no fun to have a lot of money if you have heathy problems).

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