Money saving Idea – Enjoy eating home

In case you made your expense overview already, you probably found where you spend the most money. One of those things are restaurants. I can say that there is almost nothing so innocent but destructive as restaurant visit. Of course I mean regular visit like one per week so I am not speaking about one per year visit.

If you are lucky cost in your favourite restaurant is not so high, but many people don`t have this luck. Last month we spend holiday in my home country and we visited restaurants regulary. Not only for dinner but also for lunch.

Nothing fancy just to fill our belly with some tasty and healthy food as we didn`t want to stay at home during day. But you know the story. After food you say “what about coffee?” and later “this dessert seems wonderful”. As you can imagine this ended as huge money spending so last month I destroyed my 60% saving target little bit.

Actually we spend almost half of our money last month only in restaurant and during coffee time. Of course we enjoyed our holiday very much, on the other hand I start to consider if it gave us something more.

The most important was the fact that many courses, what served in restaurants, we actually make better at home. We went for our favourite pizza restaurant almost after two years from last time and we were disapointed about quality. Don´t take me wrong. Everything was fine, we just make much better pizza home. This made me thinking.

Why we spend money for something what is not better than we can do? The next day my friend invited us for dinner. He was making hamburgers. I said ok, even I don´t like hamburgers so much, let´s go. I can simply say that I am soo glad we went.

He made everything at home. Bought just basic ingredience and the rest he created. Yes I wrote created as he made some art at home. It was the best burger I ever ate. It was like to have haven in my mouth. I asked again. Why we don`t do those dinners more regulary at home, if we can do such a great things?

In my opinion many people have problem to make some tasty food and for this reason they go to restaurant, just to make their day better. We go to restaurant mainly to get inspiration about what we will try to make at home next time.
I found this much fun as we try to create same food at home. So my advise is. Go to restaurant and enjoy every detail how the food taste and if you really like try meal next time to make same food at home and enjoy with family or friends. The last point is key. If you share your experience with other you can inspire them to make same thing as you and you can surprise each other during next dinner.

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