Money saving idea: Italy, perfect country for retirement

There is one amazing benefit, when you will become financial independent and early retired. I am looking forward for leaving my job and thinking about next possible place for living.

Of course there is nothing wrong when you want to stay at your current place. But if you ask me I am looking for change of place as the biggest benefit of early retirement. My and my wife always loved traveling so this is just continue of our life adventure.

Today I would like to show you my tip for early retirement.


I fall in love with this country. There is everything we like. Beautiful cities, delicious food, warm people, nice sea, great weather and if you are interested you can find mountains here as well. First time I visited Italy was during my child days with parents, but from this time I don’t remember so much as I was 5 years old.

Second time I was 27 and I went for business trip over there. I have never experienced one hour lunch break before and white wine as only drink for lunch.

The mentality of italian people is completely different. They enjoy life everyday.

Of course in case you wish to life Roma, Milan, Venice or Florence you will find high cost for living as these cities are destinations of many tourist. But in case you prefer something more calm there is so many beautiful places.

Here are some places what we are plannig to visit in future during our early retirement.

Castelluccio (Umbria)

Located atop a steep hill 5,000 feet above sea level, Castellucio is the highest village in the Appenine Mountain Range. And arguably the most beautiful. On one side, the village is backed by snow-capped mountains. On the other, lush, fertile plains that blossom with red poppies, violets, and rapeseed in the spring. Time your visit to the “Flowering,” from late May to early June. The town itself is charming, with many picturesque piazzas and a simple but lovely church.

Alberobello (Puglia)

The main draw of Alberobello, a picturesque small town near Bari in Puglia, is its characteristic trulli: cone-shaped, white-tipped houses that look as if they’ve been perpetually dusted by snow. Thanks to this distinctive feature, the town was deemed so unique that it was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996. For the best view over Alberobello and its trulli, head up to Piazza del Popolo, where the Belvedere Trulli lookout offers spectacular views of the entire town.

Cefalù (Sicily)

Located just an hour’s drive from Palermo, the medieval town of Cefalù is so postcard-pretty that many movies have been filmed here, including the much-loved Cinema Paradiso. Highlights include exploring the town’s many mosaic-adorned cathedrals, walking along its picturesque lungomare (seafront promenade), and catching the sunset from the towering La Rocca.

I want to thank webpage for picture and texts about those beautiful cities.

Thank you for your time.





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