Monthly Investment Overview 11/2017

I would like to share with you my latest investment overview for November 2017. Purpose is to
give you idea which stocks I found good for buy in past and what is their price change
since than.

Actual stock overview:

Stock nameMy average priceCurrent price (24.11)Price changePercentage in portfolio

You can see that one of my favourite stock is Alibaba which still makes more than 35% of my portfolio. Honestly speaking this high rate of one stock is not recommended in any case, but in this case I believe in this stock due to interesting business.

So I bought more that recommended (usually I would recommend max 20% for one stock in your investment for

retirement plan), but I like Alibaba for their worldwide business potential.

Also I like person of Jack Ma and I often watch his speeches about company future. And do not
forget that it is not only itself, it is also Tmall, Taobao, AliExpress, Ant
Financial, Lazada, Alibaba Cloud and others so huge potential for growth.

From last time I made three new stock purchase.

  1. Facebook – I like the potential of huge user amount which Facebook have. Basically if they will decide to do any new business strategy in future they have so many people as potential customers already.
  2. MOMO – another chinese company at my list. I believe in potential of internet business in Asia and so in China. During my trips I had chance to see many chinese tourists and they have one in common. They all use smart phone all the time. But of course main reason why I bought MOMO is because I like their product and they passed my stock test.
  3. Blackstone – one of most active investment group. They passed my test as well showed STRONG BUY. Also I like their 7.2% dividend. It is interesting benefit for our 10 year for retirement plan.

Actual stock overview (in %)

  • AMZN
  • BABA
  • NTES
  • MOMO
  • BX
  • FB

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