Stop working after retirement? Not for me!!!

Since I started my 10 Year For Retirement plan I was always thinking about finishing my actual work after day D will come.

But what next? I saw many examples how people get old when they stay just home, watching TV or doing nothing all day. Do I want this life style? Of course we all say no “I won´t be like this”, but are we really sure?

Yes, we have some expectation about our future life, but many people will be bored soon after retirement and probably do nothing with this situation. So what is my plan for retirement years?

I want still work (no, I am not crazy and I will try to explain reason to you now).

I want still work, but I won´t work for money anymore as I can do whatever I want. Just imagine that freedom you get from being financially independent.

So I will do what I was not able to do until now. Working in cafeteria or book store or ZOO or helping in school or something completely different. The work is something what is increasing our experience and capability, so we should never stop doing things we like.

I will do whatever I was not able to do now, for one simple reason. I won´t have to care about money anymore.

I believe we all have some dream job what we want to do, but as we have to pay bills we do something different.

The other point is education. You will have finally free time to learn things you wanted to learn. Speaking Spanish, play piano, be public theatre actor, you name it. There is so many things I want to learn before my last living day so you should consider the same thing by yourself. Make better person from yourself, or help others, just don´t waste your time.

What is your first thing you want to learn after retirement?

For me, the worst thing we can do is do nothing.

In case you have some other project you can work at, it is fine, but you will soon miss contact of other people and your family will feel the same.

The interaction with other people is something, what brings some unexpected situation into our life. Sometime good situation, sometime bad situation, but without other people around us, we will become stones.

So during your saving/investing period please consider also one more point.

What you want to do with your free time after retirement?

You don´t want to work hard on your 10 Years For Retirement, in case that would mean you will have a plenty of free time and nothing to do.

Thank you for reading.

See you next week.


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