Tools for stock search (stock screeners)

We are lucky that we live in 21st century as we have almost all necessary data online (at least the data which we need for stock analysis). I searched and used many stock screeners so I want to share with you my most favorite which can help you find the best stock for your retirement plan. – this is by far my most popular stock screener. You can find almost anything you need to know here. You don’t like numbers? Check their graphs, it’s simply amazing. Currently they focus mainly about US stock and I would welcome also EU and Asia stocks, but I believe they will improve this in future as well. But to be fair, almost every big company is traded in US and I focus on this market as well, so this is not so big handicap from my point of view. – very good page if you want to understand company. If you click on finance (always my first click) you can see the most important information about company. Are incomes growing? Is Debt controlled? Is margin interesting for you as investor? And what about dividend? You can see anything here at one place. Very helpful web and good advisor for ours financial retirement plan. – I use this one for quarterly check of market expectation and stock performance. You will find this web very useful for this reason. Of course you can find much more information at Financial Times webpage.

Yahoo finance – I never used Yahoo as I always preferred different webs, but recently I found this page very useful in case of stock screen. You should try by yourself and see.

Google finance – well known stock screener for basic search. Honestly I am now using this web mainly for everyday check on my phone as it doesn’t introduced so many interesting and new ideas for long time. But still this is web you should know as well for stock screening.

As you can imagine I am not using only one screener as it is important to check information parallelly so I use combination of those and some others. If you will have any other interesting screener let us know and we can introduce it next time as well.

Thank you for your time.

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