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This time I would like to share with you some other examples of people who have or had the same target. Honestly more examples of early retirement you get the more confident you can be in you as well. As you can see it does not matter how much you earn, but how much you can save.

Our 10 Years For Retirement plan shows a lot chalenges in front of you so let`s see how other people fight with it.

The number one of my favourite is Justin McCurry (33) who is already retired from 2013 (article was published by CNCB)

Justin already pased his target and now he enjoy sweet fruits. His attitude can be example for many others as well.

ARTICLE: How one couple saved more than 1 million in 10 years

Number two shows some examples for your early retirement (some already explained here)

This is interesting summary of some important points and we will also focus about most of then in futere here. Of course we will explain more details and give you more real examples. Having Early Retirement Plan is the key.

ARTICLE: How to retire early

Number there shows stories of three families and their way how to achieve early retirement.

Hilary Ross-Rojas (30) and Willy Rojas (32)

Tim (49) and Jennifer Eldredge (49)

Bob (49) and Teresa Jacobson (50)

ARTICLE: How to retire early

Very interesting article published by

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If you are interested in other articles about early retirement and retirement plan check all articles here.

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