Volkswagen (ETR:VOW3) Strong buy level – investment tip

Investment overview for Volksvagen stock.

Volkswagen is now in not so good time if we focus about public image. But this is exactly what I was waiting for. If you check Volkswagen’s financial situation more deeply you can recognize very strong and stable finance. Of course everybody is now talking about Dieselgate, but how this Dieselgate really affected Volkswagen? They were able to increase sales and decrease manufacturing cost. Yes, they have to pay some big fat cheque, but those are peanuts for them.

Also Volkswagen is now hugely investing in new technology (electrification, self-driving, their new SUV line etc.) so in future we will see more sales increase.
Don’t forget that VW group is made by many brands (VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, SEAT, SKODA, BENTLEY, DUCATI, LAMBORGHINI, SCANIA).
Now Toyota is again the biggest car maker, but I bet with you this will soon change again.
German businessman is the one who will make sure about you retirement portfolio growth.

Check the calculation results and you have to agree.

Also check this page to see their future expectations and current financial situation. VOLKSWAGEN – overview VOLKSWAGEN – financials

All calculations are made to date: 2017/08/04

EPS growth asumption = 45% (average EPS year growth in next 3 years)

Forward PE asumption = 7.32 (average PE from next 3 years)

PEG (Price/Earnings/Growth) = 0.1 (0->1 Perfect, 1->2 Good, 2->4 Average, 4+ Poor )

Dividend share = 2.69%

3 year EPS/ 0 year EPS = 306.23%

Debt/EBITDA = 0.4

Actual price per share = 130.0

Present good value per share = 156.79 (calculation output)

Actual price/present good value price = 83%

Volkswagen shows very good performance in every checked aspect. Current share price is 17% lower than Present good value per share and due to this reason I strongly recommend to buy now.

Final investment evaluation: STRONG BUY

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Remember, this article is sumary of my personal opinions. You should everytime consider stock value by yourself and it’s is your retirement plan investment.

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